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Media training should be empowering, enjoyable and exciting. You should walk away feeling like you can’t wait to get to work to realise the opportunities now available to you because you have the tools to engage with the media effectively.The only way to do that is for the media training you choose to be completely tailored to you. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ courses offering you generic truths. You deserve:

  • Media training that builds on the best of your existing personal attributes. You need to feel like you can express yourself in a natural way when you are being interviewed- otherwise you will never feel relaxed and in control. Recognise how your personality comes across, embrace any quirky attributes you have and capitalise on your instinctive turn-of-phrase and turn these valuable weapons to your advantage. Everyone has different strengths that warrant different approaches in an interview.
  • Trying to train people to be interviewed in a standardised way just creates ‘corporate automatons’ that lack authenticity.
  • Media training structured around highly researched interview scenarios prepared specifically for your organisation and job function. Some questions will be simple, some questions will be tough – you will be supported to deal with them all and shown how you can prepare effectively for any situation in the future.
Ursula Errington Sky News 2

Ursula Errington on Sky News talking about the Libya Crisis

  • Media training that empowers you with detailed feedback. Watching yourself back on screen is a revelation to most people. Every answer can be evaluated in terms of content, messaging and delivery. You can learn to control and manage these aspects for yourself, every time you answer a question.
  • Media training with the best. Hard Truth Media provides one-on-one media training with former national broadcast journalists who know precisely how the news machine works, how you can manage it and make it work for you. Every client’s concerns and needs are treated in the strictest confidence (find our confidentiality policy here). We love our work and our sessions are delivered with enthusiasm and energy.

Ursula Errington on the News

  • Media training that is superb value for money. Tailored media training doesn’t mean expensive media training. It’s about using time and equipment intelligently, so you get precisely what you want from a session. Contact us for a quote.

Our approach turns clients into compelling, authoritative spokespeople who have exponentially increased their personal marketability and their organisation’s potential.

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Media training that goes beyond one session. Unexpected interview opportunity?

Hard Truth Media offers short-notice interview practice via Skype video. We can put you through your paces on a specific interview topic with as little as one hour’s notice. The night before a big interview or at weekends – we are there for our clients whenever they need our support and our journalistic brains. Clients call us to discuss their approach to messaging for a specific interview opportunity or to ‘quick- fix’ problem areas they have had before.

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Video Content Production

Along with event hosting, Hard Truth Media can produce dynamic content to show at your event designed to inspire and motivate your guests.

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