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Hard Truth Media founder, Ursula Errington, is an experienced round-table host, panel chairwoman and event compere. More than a decade as a correspondent and presenter for Sky News, Five News, BBC Inside Out, BBC radio 4, BBC Look East and Monocle 24 has given her the mental dexterity and presenting skills to manage any publicly conducted conversation or event.Ursula Errington Sky News

Comfortable, smiley and warm in front of an audience Ursula knows how to manage heated debate and draw out inspirational ideas and comment from those participating. She is adept at picking up on an idea to take a conversation in a fascinating new direction, how to hold someone to account when necessary and how to include and engage an audience.

Friendly and approachable, Ursula knows how to listen to a brief and work with you to deliver a memorable, enjoyable event.


Before becoming a journalist, Ursula worked in commodity derivatives trading.

She loves to travel and is passionate about equality for women, her father’s inventions and giving a voice to those who are too often ignored. She loves to read, listen to the radio, watch films. Her guilty pleasure is ‘Horrible Histories’ on cbbc!

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Video Content Production

Along with event hosting Hard Truth Media is about to produce dynamic content to show at your event to inspire or incentives the people at your event. Click HERE to see our Video Content Production options