Example Project – Alibaba Bog in a Bag

0 0 January 3, 2014

The client was hosting a campaign designed to inspire and facilitate female entrepreneurs globally. This was one in a series of films specifically looking at a mother/business woman and the unique and fabulous challenges and opportunities that brings. The brief was to showcase Kate Castle at Bog-in-a-bag and tell her story with honesty and warmth. The film was used as a motivator for women across the world to compete to win a mentorship with some of the highest-achieving women in a range of business sectors.

Hard Truth Media decided early on to consciously build the film around Kate and her children. Not to play down the ‘mother’ role as secondary to Kate’s position as founder of a company but make it clear that the children were the inspiration for the first product and continue to be Kate’s biggest driver today. She is a mother first and, rightly, makes no apology for it, so we decided to ensure the film echoes that balance in a conscious way. It was designed to speak to other mothers with great ideas.

Hard Truth Media handled every aspect of the film from storyboard to final product. It has received over 280,000 hits on Team Alibaba’s channel on YouTube alone.